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Greenlid is the North American Partner bringing truly compostable and sustainable products to Consumers, Retail, Foodservice and Private Label. Waste management is regulated at the municipal level including plastic bans and every organic waste collection program varies. We understand it is difficult for retail and foodservice decision makers to provide products that will work in every community, which is why our product line is accepted in all compost facilities (most being home compostable) and outside of any future plastics bans


We offer full-service solutions for your restaurant or retail store as well as custom products, including Foodservice items, molded fiber trays and containers. At present, we supply Private Label products for the entire sustainable, disposable tableware section to over 14,000 stores across North America.


For more information on our Private Label, Foodservice or Custom Solutions, please message us. 



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we're proudly Canadian
Greenlid Compostable bin with some facts
All our materials are compostable
We make the planet friendly with sustainable products

We’re passionate about creating products with the least negative impact on the environment. We care that products are truly compostable, not just certified compostable!


We want to help Canadians make healthy and sustainable choices every day. By using materials such as recycled cardboard, waste bagasse, palm leaf and sustainably harvested birch and bamboo, we don’t harm the environment. 


The world isn’t going to change overnight. However, we believe that each climate-minded choice brings us one step closer to a healthier, sustainable earth. 


Driven by science and innovation, Greenlid was founded by CEO Morgan Wyatt (PhD, Natural Products Chemistry) in Toronto, Canada in 2014. We make truly compostable, sustainable products that are safe alternatives to the countless single-use plastics that end up in landfills throughout Canada. We got our first break on CBC’s Dragons’ Den with a successful pitch for our compostable kitchen food-waste bin, which is made from end-of-life recycled cardboard and a bio-based additive that makes it leak-proof.


Our focus at Greenlid has since expanded to disposable tableware and Foodservice items made from 100% natural materials. We do not market any “compostable” plastics or bioplastics. Our products are truly and naturally compostable and accepted in facilities across North America. This includes: 

  • 100% sustainably sourced birch to make strong, sharp cutlery

  • 100% sustainably sourced wheat stalks for drinking straws

  • 100% sustainably sourced palm leaves for plates

  • 100% sustainably sourced bamboo for cups

  • 100% sustainably sourced plant fiber for takeout containers

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782 King Street West - 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario M5V 1N6

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