Compostable Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lids are the most sustainable and eco-friendly way for coffee cups. They are plastic free and 100% compostable. They are not made from bioplastics, rather they are made from pressed fibers of bamboo, wood fiber, and sugar cane. They fit securely to most coffee cups with 90mm tops (12 & 16 oz), but are designed to be used with our Compostable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cups.


They are made through patented reverse buckle negative angle technology to ensure a tight fit to the cup to protect from spills and protect the environment

*Use with 12 & 16 oz Compostable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cups


- 100% Compostable

- Made from Bamboo Fiber, Wood Fiber & Sugar Cane

- Plastic Free

- PFA-Free

- Fit 12 & 16 Oz Cups (90mm Openings)

- Available in Bulk Cases of 1000 for Cafes & Restaurants


Bamboo Fiber Cups + Plant Fiber Lids Bulk(12 oz, 16 oz, 90mm Lids)

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