Never Clean Your Compost Bin Again!

Greenlid offers the world's first compostable kitchen food waste bin specifically designed and engineered for collecting and processing organic materials into nutrient-rich compost. Our kitchen compost bin acts as a natural carbon filter to eliminate smells in your home, keep your kitchen clean, and maintain the rigorous balance between your everyday needs and the environment.


- 7.2 L (Greenlid 2.0) & 3.75 L (Greenlid Regular) Capacity

- Reusable

- 100% Compostable (Home & Industrial)

- Eliminates Odours

- Leak Proof

- Greenlid 2.0 -> 20 Bins + Lids

- Greenlid Regular - 30 Pack + paper lids

Greenlids have been used to divert over 4.2 million kg of waste from landfill and prevented over 950,000 kg of greenhouse gases.


*Item Show is retail packaged Greenlid 2.0 3 Pack.

Greenlid Compostable Kitchen Foodwaste Bin

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