Case of 500 (2 x 250 Unit Cardboard Dispenser)

- Each Dispenser is recyclable and conveniently holds 250 individually wrapped cutlery set

Cutlery Set Contains:

- 1 Birch, 1 Fork, 1 Knife and 1 Napkin wrapped in kraft paper.

Greenlid's compostable birch cutlery is 100% compostable and made from sustainably sourced birch trees (FSC Certified). This cutlery is convenient to use and perfect for picnics and outdoor gatherings.

If you are a restaurant, cafe or running a take-away business this is the best option to plastic. 


Greenlid Birch Cutlery Advantages:

- 100% Compostable (Home & Industrial)

- Increased Thickness

- Sharpened blade for cutting

- Sharper Fork Prongs

- Deeper spoon

- FSC Certified (From Sustainably Managed Forests)

40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery are thrown away every year. Have your meal guilt-free with Greenlid's compostable birch cutlery and reduce your use of plastics!

Available in 24 Packs, 150 packs, and bulk or individually wrapped for restaurants & take-away.

Individually Wrapped Birch Cutlery Set (2 x 250 Dispenser)

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