Bamboo Fibre Cups and Plant Fibre Lids
Biodegradable Bamboo Fibre Cup
Certified Biodegradable & Compostable Bamboo Cup
50 Plant Fibre Lids
12 oz. 50 Bamboo Fibre Cups

Bamboo Fibre Cups and Plant Fibre Lids

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Change the way you drink your coffee with Greenlid’s biodegradable bamboo cups!

Greenlid’s Bamboo biodegradable cups and lids are 100% compostable, leak-proof, purely natural, and renewable. By patronizing our biodegradable cups and lids, you can eliminate the billions of cups and lids that end up in landfills each year with this compostable alternative!

As we all know, bamboos grow naturally, efficiently, and do not require replanting. Our unbleached and compostable cups are made from sustainably grown bamboo with a compostable lining and can be used for both HOT and COLD drinks.

Our Bamboo biodegradable cups are a natural and sustainable alternative to virgin paperboard, eco-friendly, completely compostable, and biodegradable due to their plant starch lining. They're also PFA-free, which are known cancer-causing chemicals and "forever" chemicals in the environment forever. 

If your coffee cup is harming the environment and contributing to global warming, then it's time to switch to Greenlid's biodegradable bamboo cups!