Waterproof EcoCOOLER
Waterproof and Compostable EcoCOOLER
Reusable Waterproof EcoCOOLER with 22L Capacity
Greenlid's ice keeping EcoCOOLER
Compostable EcoCOOLER


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Holds over 30 cans and a 10lb bag of ice with 0 harm to the planet!

Ditch the Styrofoam for our sturdy and compostable EcoCOOLER! The EcoCOOLER is made from 100% end-life recycled cardboard, thoroughly waterproof, and completely reusable (just wipe down and let dry to reuse another day)!

A great alternative to plastic and Styrofoam coolers, the EcoCOOLER with ice keeps drinks cool and food fresh at the lake, beach, home, or park!

Unlike other coolers, EcoCOOLER has a secure flip lid. The lid is concave, so in one position, it can hold more drinks and ice, but when flipped, it is a stable tray that can be used for serving food or as a table.

EcoCOOLER is the sustainable, convenient, and compostable alternative to Styrofoam (banned in many areas) and plastic coolers which end up in landfill and waterways for hundreds of years.