Greenlid 7.2L with Compostable Lid 20 Pack
Greenlid Compost Bin
Biodegradable Compost Bin
Biodegradable Kitchen Compost Bin
Greenlid 3.75L - Refill 30 pack

Greenlid Compost Bin

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Volume 7.2L

Never Clean Your Compost Bin Again!

Greenlid offers the world's first biodegradable kitchen compost bin specifically designed and engineered for collecting and processing organic materials into nutrient-rich compost or humus. Our green compost bin acts as a natural carbon filter to eliminate smells in your home, keep your kitchen clean, and maintain the rigorous balance between your everyday needs and the environment.

Our kitchen compost bin is made from 100% end-of-life recycled cardboard with a proprietary leak-proof bio-based additive! Just fill up the reusable Greenlid bin and compost the entire container and lid as needed. Our kitchen compost bin is certified compostable in ALL compost facilities and home compost systems.

Greenlids have been used to divert over 4.2 million kg of waste from landfill and prevented over 950,000 kg of greenhouse gases.

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