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A planet-friendly house includes a cat!

Greenlid's sifting litter box helps you keep a happy cat and a healthy home. Place your favorite litter on top and sift your way to the bottom. Our sifting litter box is made from 100% end-of-life recycled cardboard and made leak-proof with our proprietary bio-based additive. Lasting up to 1 month or more, any litter can be used with our sifting litter box and scooped as needed.

Natural recycled cardboard litter boxes help de-stress your cat and reduce odors that leach into plastics. These sifting litter boxes are GREAT for traveling with pets and can even be used to litter train your dog.

Each set comes with 4 alternating sifting trays and 1 solid base tray to prevent any mess from hitting your floors!

*Greenlid's sifting litter box is compostable, but depending on where you live, your litter might not be, so check your local city Greenbin and waste guidelines for proper disposal.