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Wheat Drinking Straws

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Never take a soggy sip again!

The straw that never gets soggy, Our wheat straws are made from 100% wheat with zero additives or processing. Wheat stalks grow a lining that keeps the stalk upright and naturally waterproof. It's nature's original straw, sucking water from the ground to the leaves of the plant!

After farmers utilize the edible parts of the wheat plant, the stalks remain. We carefully sort and cut these stalks into equal lengths followed by a trip through an agitator with distilled water, a sonicator, three times in a boiler, and finally a UV room to thoroughly cleanse and prepare the wheat stalk for use! Our wheat straws are gluten-free, non-soggy, non-choke, and 100% biodegradable!

Greenlid's Wheat Straws are home compostable and compostable in all facilities. Unlike compostable plastic straws, there is no special process or high heat needed to compost these straws, so they break down naturally and will never end up harming wildlife or polluting the planet.

Keep in mind, 500 million plastic straws are used every day in North America. They will still be here in 500 years.