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Greenlid is bringing manufacturing back to Ontario

We are working hard to bring our supply chain back to Ontario, Canada with the opening of our new 60,000-square-foot facility in Dundalk’s Southgate Eco Park!

"Greenlid is excited to expand and build manufacturing operations in rural Ontario after rapid growth in the past several years," said Morgan Wyatt, CEO of Greenlid. "After its start on Dragons’ Den, Greenlid now supplies over 14,000 retail stores across North America with truly compostable product lines in the tableware and foodservice categories."

Greenlid’s growth created an opportunity for Ice River Sustainable Solutions, Ontario’s leading recycler of Blue Box PET Plastic, to take a majority shareholder position and bring sustainable manufacturing expertise to Greenlid. With the additional support of the Ontario government for this project and the local community, Greenlid’s state-of-the-art Non-wood Fibre Manufacturing and Innovation Centre at Southgate EcoPark will now specialize in developing Ontario’s agricultural fiber waste into high-value compostable products with less impact on the environment and furthering Ontario’s sustainability and economic development goals, "Morgan added.

The $14.8 million investment is being supported with $500,000 in funding through Ontario’s Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.

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Are you going to have the food waste bins available at some point?

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