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Revisiting the ban on single-use plastics

Earlier this year, the Canadian government announced that it will move ahead with its previously proposed plan to ban certain single-use plastics. On June 22, they published the Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations, which outlines details of their plan.

The categories of items include checkout bags, cutlery, foodservice ware made from or containing problematic plastics, ring carriers, stir sticks and straws. The Regulations prohibit the manufacture, import, sale, and eventually export of 6 categories of single-use plastic items. It will come into effect in December 2022, and the sale of those items will be prohibited as of December 2023 to provide businesses in Canada with enough time to transition. For full details on the ban, click here.

Plan overview:

2022: ban on the manufacture and import of these single use plastics

2023: ban on the sale

2025: ban on the export

Canadians discard three million tonnes of plastic waste each year, and only nine percent of it is recycled. The majority of plastics discarded as waste in 2016 were packaging materials; this includes items commonly used in the food and beverage sector.

Always looking to the future; Greenlid offers plastic-free solutions. All of our products, including our cutlery and disposable tableware items, are fully compostable and biodegradable. We use natural materials like bamboo, birch, and palm leaf to ensure that our entire product line is outside of any future single-use plastic bans across North America.

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