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A closer look at Birch Cutlery

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Birch is an abundant and relatively fast-growing hardwood species that causes minimal destruction of biodiversity when cut down. When choosing materials; fast-growing, regenerative, and low impact woods should be top of mind. Birch takes ⅓ the amount of time to grow compared to other hardwoods, like oak. This reduces the time, space, and impact on the environment to mature while also conserving our old-growth forests.

Birch & Composting

Birch assists in trapping water into the soil. Water filters through the birch into the soil below and can keep it from evaporating. Birch can help break up heavy rain to disperse water over a large area. Adding birch to your compost infuses the soil with nutrients, which results in a healthy composting environment.

Birch Cutlery & Sustainability

Unlike plastic cutlery or PLA cutlery (compostable plastic cutlery), birch cutlery is a truly sustainable disposable tableware option. It is compostable, biodegradable, and made without the use of chemicals. Birch cutlery can be composted without leaving behind any toxic residue, and instead benefits the final compost.

Why is Certified Birch Important?

When purchasing birch or other wood-based products, always ensure they are from Sustainably Managed Forests. This type of certification assures buyers that the timber has come from a forest that has been evaluated and certified as being managed according to the correct social, economic, and environmental standards.

Always looking to the future, Greenlid uses this certified Birch for its cutlery.

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