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The Importance of Composting

Compost is created by combining organic waste, such as food, yard trimmings, and manure in the right ratios. Adding items like wood chips can help accelerate the breakdown of organic materials and help the final compost.

There are a number of benefits to composting, whether at home or at the municipal level. By composting wasted food and other organics, methane emissions are reduced. Compost reduces, and in some cases eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers. It can help aid in reforestation, wetlands restoration, and habitat revitalization efforts. Composting can also be used to remediate soils contaminated by hazardous waste in a cost-effective manner.

What can go into a compost bin?

Fruits, vegetables, peelings, bread, cereal, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves

Leaves, grass clippings and trimmings

Manure (organic - avoid pet manure)

Dust from sweeping and vacuuming, and dryer lint

Old herbs and spices

Corn cobs and pits from avocados, peaches and other fruit

Composting & Packaging

Compostable packaging can be extremely beneficial when it comes to overall composting. A lot of plastics and disposable takeaway containers cannot be properly recycled because they contain food waste - therefore they end up in landfills. Using packaging that is fully compostable can help the composting process, as food remnants will actually help the material to break down.

In order for packaging to be considered compostable, it has to be certified to ensure that it fully decomposes and does not leave toxic residue behind in the soil. Ideally, this packaging can break down into organic matter in about 90 days in a compost setting.

Always looking to the future; Greenlid offers plastic-free solutions. All of our products, including our cutlery and disposable tableware items, are fully compostable and biodegradable. We use natural materials like bamboo, birch, and palm leaf to ensure that our entire product line is outside of any future single-use plastic bans across North America. We work closely with municipalities to ensure we meet and exceed their standards for composting.

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I saw that N White asked on October 30, 2022 if you're still manufacturing the Green Lid compost bins and haven't seen a response. I really like them and would like to order the refills, but can't find them anywhere.


Are you still manufacturing the Green Lid compost bin 4 l size? I’m having trouble finding them. I’m in Surrey BC

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