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Inspiring Future Eco-Leaders

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

We believe in the importance and power of education. To give the students a deeper understanding of their environment and personal responsibility for their communities we partner with schools to conduct eco-league and eco-forum workshops.Here's what our program to inspire the future eco-leaders looks like:

Instructor showing students how to use compostable bins

image of Elephant made from Greenlid's compostable bin

The workshops focus heavily on the benefits of composting food waste and we follow a hands-on approach to make sure all students are actively engaged in the process. So far, we have worked with students from grade 3 through 8 in a number of different cities where we conducted competitions between classrooms using our signature product, the compost bin.

Jackson Wyatt with some students

Teachers who wanted to include composting in their curriculum, motivated parents and eager students have all contributed to how we run these workshops. We want to make sure that we are involved in the process of raising children who are more conscientious of what they eat and where their waste goes, because we believe they grow up to be adults who are more conscientious of their planet.

image of a group of students

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