Set Your Table (Sustainably) For The Holidays!

Updated: Mar 29

December is one of those months where there is plenty of excess and wastage.

Let’s reduce the burden on our environment, starting this holiday season. Here are some tips on eco-friendly festive table decor:

No table is complete without a centrepiece. Cut down on unnecessary purchases and get creative with things you already own or can easily make.

You don’t need new or special tableware for the holidays! With a few decorations and modifications, you can dress up your ordinary pieces and create the perfect festive and sustainable holiday table setting.

The best way of making a holiday table setting special while keeping an eye on sustainability, is letting the food shine. This certainly requires a little extra preparation in the kitchen, but the final effect is totally worth it!

BONUS TIP: While using food items, make sure to collect all the scraps in a compostable bowl so that they don't end up in the garbage and can be easily composted with any leftovers!

Let's all do our part while celebrating this holiday season. With a dash of creativity and bit of time you can give the best present of all to your family and friends, a healthy planet and a guilt-free new years!

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